4th of July Designer Furniture Mardi Gras Table Props
50's Props French Mexican/Southwest Victorian
Asian Halloween Miscellaneous Wedding
Backdrops Hollywood Theme Nautical Western
Christmas Italian Risers
Decorative Lighting Luau Table Accessories


Wagon Wheels
Bales of Hay
Hats & Scarves
Cow Horns
Cows, Pig , Hen
Lanterns, Blue, Red and Glass
Large Copper Containers
Milk Cans and Crates, Barrels
Roping and Leather Skin
Bandana Print Linen
Denim Material Linen



Adobe Buildings
Sombreros & Serapes
Mexican 5 Light Candelabra
Terra Cota Pots (12"w x 15"l)
Ceramic Table Fountain
Decorative Platters
Serapes Linen
Mexican Man



White Reindeer w/ Lights
White Manzanita Trees & Bursts, White Branches
Santa Claus, 25" w/sleigh
Snow covered tree stump, logs and fence
Snow covered hills, snow balls, snow blanket
Sphere Lights, Snowflake Light Set
Angels, Wicker
Standing Deer w/tray, Sitting Deer w/tray
Glitter Reindeer, 3.5' & 4.5'
Snowmen, metal (3-4.5', 2-3.5')
Snowmaker w/snow
Christmas Ornaments, Wreaths
Moss Reindeer
Various Colored Twinkle Lights


Mardi Gras

New Orleans Oversized Masks
Colored Beads
Street Lanterns



Scarecrows (2)
Paper Mache Ghost
Witches (3)
Spider Web w/Spider
Decorative Pumpkins
Various Centerpieces
Hollywood Theme
Life-sized Cut Outs:
Marilyn Monroe
James Dean
Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Stars
Oversized Top Hat
Palm Tree/Feather Centerpieces
Piano Centerpieces
Director's Chairs
Palm Tree Backdrop in Lights


50's Props

Musical Notes
Oversized Records
Lava Lamps
Oversized Ice Cream Cones


4th of July

American Flag in Lights 52" x 34"
Table Décor--Flag with Stand


Table Accessories

Silk Flower Arrangements
Lucite Napkin Holders
Wood Napkin Holders
Brass Napkin Holders
Silver Napkin Holders
Cow Print Napkin Holders
Silver & Brass Bow Napkin Holders
Silver Star Napkin Holders
Gold Corded Napkin Holders
3" Tassel Napkin Holders:
Red, Green, Gold, Silver, White
Ivory, Burgundy, Taupe
Brushed Silver Charger Plates
Brushed Gold Charger Plates
Silver Hammered Charger
Silver Beaded Charger
Acrylic Red Charger w/ Gold Stars
Acrylic Blue Charger w/ Gold Stars
Acrylic Black Charger w/ Gold Stars


Table Props

Silk Flower Arrangements
Table Champagne Fountain (Black)
Eiffel Tower
Empire State Building
Picket Planter Boxes
12" & 14" Table Easels
Table Fountains (Black Marble,
Pink Stone Happy Couple, Grey Stone Farmer)
Table Flag w/stand (various countries)


Backdrops (12'L 8'H)

White House Backdrop
San Francisco Backdrop
Central Park Backdrop
Newport Backdrop
Bel Air (Fountain) Backdrop
Beverly Hills Backdrop
Folding White Trellis Screen (110"Wx84"H)



Treasure Chest
Life Preserver white/yellow & red/white
Cargo Net
Wood Row Boat w/Oar (2)
Large Wood Light House
Pair Sea Horses
Sea Shells
Green Metal Pails (2)
Wooden Captain
Fisherman in Boat
Fish, Crab, Goldfish
Rope Coil, 24" Cedar Piling
Red & White Sailboat


Silver Cake Stand 14" /18"/ 22"
5' Curved Roman Columns
Lucite Columns
Bridal Chairs
Wedding Arch
White Balustrades
White Railings
Plexiglas Stands
White Wrought Iron Stands w/ Hurricane
White Wrought Iron Flower Pot Holders
Silk Flower Arrangements
Wagon Wheel Flower Cart, White
Tall Hurricane Stands w/Candles
Trellis Wedding Arch, White (76"Wx94"H)
Folding White Trellis Screen (110"Wx84"H)



White Wicker Couch
White Wicker Chairs
White Wicker Table
White Planter Boxes
Assorted Pillows
Wrought Iron White Benches
Antique white fence & columns (36"h)
French 1800's Pictures
French Street Signs
Paris Theme Linen
Eiffel Tower Table Prop
Arc de Triomphe Prop
"Holiday in Paris" Sign
Street Lanterns
Decorative Urns and Water Fountains
Grape Print Linen
Decorative Column Risers
Roman Columns, Various Cherubs w/Stands


Hawaiian Bar (57"l 38" w 8'h)
Pink Flamingos
Sea Shells
Assorted Birds
Palm Trees (6)
Bamboo Chairs & Tables
Grass Mats
Folding Wood Screens
Drum w/Sticks
Bamboo Wall (4' x 7')
Large Bamboo Fans
Colored Twinkle Lights
Totem Poles



Paper Lanterns
Asian Writing on Canvas
Ceramic Lanterns
Oriental Pots
Asian Umbrellas
Asian Table Screens
Decorative Buffet Platters
Designer Furniture
Oversized Chairs


Decorative Lighting

Disco Ball
Street Lanterns
Light Fixture (3 bulb)
Silver Lamp Votive w/various shades
Crystal Votive
Crystal Federal Hurricane Lamp
Library Lamp Votive w/Shade
Glass Holder w/ Hurricane
Silver Bucket Votive Holder
Italian Gold Dot Votive
5 Branch Silver Candelabra
3 Branch Brass Candelabra
Pleaded Votive Holder
Clear Votive
Gold Rim Votive
Beaded Votive Holder
Assorted Colored Votive
Gold Mini-Urn Votive
Flashing rope lights (Red, Green, Clear) 30ft.
Sphere Lights, Various Colors
6' Wrought Iron Floral Pillar Candle Stands
Hurricane Lamps, Decorated



9", 12" & 15" Lucite Risers
4', 5' & 6' Acrylic Stands



Cherubs w/stand (4-22"x11.5"x30")
Oversized Top Hat
2 1/2', 3' & 4' Mirrored Pedestals
Mirror Turntable
18", 24" & 30" Mirror Stands
White Folding Screen
Black Screen Divider
White Trellis w/ Screen 4' x 7'
Carousel Horse
Flags on Stands
White Fireplace w/Screen and Logs (electrical)
White 8'x8' Backdrop w/ Windows
Burgundy Throw With Fringe (16" x 40")
Animal Print Throw Pillows
Fountains of Stands
Totem Poles
Butterfly on Garden Poles